Whitby Fans Photos

by Scott Thornberry - 15th July 2012

whitby fans photos

Again many thanks to Les Hodge for supplying us with these images.  As a one off I took my camera and snapped a few myself and have added them to Les's shots.


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rj50 - 15th July 2012 22:22:03

Picture 14,
Are they the Taliban most wanted?????????

karlo-cardiff - 16th July 2012 03:47:56

Looked quite a good turn out from darlo-hopefully the start of something big happening for our club........

mensamoo - 16th July 2012 10:54:07

Loved the quip from the announcer on the tannoy when all 4 balls were lost and play stopped: "and you think you've got problems....."

Darlo_Pete - 16th July 2012 12:13:36

I reckon 250 or so from Darlo, we certainly made up more than half the crowd.

wembley 2011 - 16th July 2012 16:45:39

Where's Pete's paper bag?

Darlo Pirate - 16th July 2012 17:12:28

Martin Gray talking with his hand over his mouth......just in case Sky Sports catch him talking tactics live!!