Rajs Notes

by Scott Thornberry - 26th November 2011

rajs notes

Darlington Chairman Raj Singh published a lenghty article in todays matchday programme to outline his views on our cutrrent situation and what he would like to see happen if the club is to move forward.

In another frank and honest statement Raj highlighted the fact most of the players have been supportive to what he is trying to do and also expressed his disappointment at some of the criticism aimed towards him from some of the fans.

"the cut in wages have been varied between 10% and 25% - not anywhere near as much as the 50% I have seen qouted - and a lot of them have accepted their new terms. Infact, some of them have been extremely helpful, which demonstrates they just want to get on and play football and help the club out and see us survuve, so that's appreciated"

There are others however who I already knew were only here for a payday, who haven't budged or even attempted to negotiate. But hopefully the situation will become alot clearer in the next week or so.

On the postive side I have had some fantastic support from darlington fans and the general public in the last couple of weeks, from genuine people who have the best interests of the club at heart, and I would like to thank them for that.

Unfortunately their are is still one or two pessamists around this club who thrive on negativity or who have hidden agendas and have seen this as an opportunity to have a dig."

Raj then goes on in depth about the council and explains why he wants the covenant lifted and why, even though he doesn't own the land and stadium, he wants to discuss the situation. This is because if he was to buy the land he needs to know whether the covenant would still be in place.

"I'm now reading statements coming out of the council that they can't negotiate with the club because we're not the landowners. All I can say is whoever has come up with that statement hasn't done their homework on land aquisition. In business, if you're looking to buy a piece of land the first thing you'll do is check where you stand with planning permissions, land covenants and other exceptional circumstances."

"I've read a few comments that i'm only interested in getting my hands on the land for my own personal benefit and that I am destroying the club. I've got to say it's upsetting and disappointing to read such comments after all the time and money I have put in."

"I'dd argue that it was the administrators who destroyed this club two and a half years ago, when they ripped the sould out of it and left it with two registered players, leaving us to pick up the pieces."