Never Give Up

by Scott Thornberry - 9th November 2011

never give up

I am realistic, I cant see a way out, i cant see a way back; but if we have to go, lets go down fighting, all guns blazing, ramming speed and damn the torpedoes! Let’s take as many of the bastards down with us as we can

If we go now then we are gone for good. Our record expunged (like Maidstone or Aldershot) Do we really want that? To be remembered as an asterix at the bottom of the league table for 2011-2012? To be a side that died halfway through the season? To be a side that just gave up?

Do you fuckers want to be like those other cunts who shuffle around Tescos on a Saturday wondering where their life went? Or getting dragged round Matalan with the boss to look for a new rug? Or popping into a pub to watch Sky Sports News and see how united got on? Or one of those wankers pottering around B&Q thinking about DIY and wondering if the bathroom ceiling would look nice in a shade of blue. I dont!

I choose Darlo. I chose them years ago, they didn’t choose me, and once you choose you don’t change, you don’t give up on your team (however often it seems they give up on you!), and you don’t give in. We have to fight for every piece of good news, every little success, every little triumph. So lets keep fighting, keep kicking, keep trying and keep hoping.

Why? Because it is all we have, it is what makes us who were are, it is what makes us better than the premiershit tossers who support "their" team by watching the match in a pub, it makes us better than the Hangers, the Smoggies, the Makems, the Geordies and any one else you care to mention!

Why? Because we are Darlo. It is what defines us, it is what binds us, it is what holds us together and it is what gives us our strength. It is what makes Wembley so special because we have all stood there and took the beatings for years, took the poor performances, took watching the crap players, took the crap managers and the crazy chairman, took the fucking white elephant bloody mega dome, took the endless shit thrown at us, took all the jibes and comments from other "fans". We have took them laughing at us, taking the piss, thinking they are better than us because they support Manure or Chelsea or Arsenal and that we are a little shit team on the arsehole of football. Well they might give in. but we don’t. We have to stick together because the vultures will pick us of one by one if we don’t!

"Either we heal as a team or we are going to crumble. Inch by inch, play by play till we're finished. We are in hell right now, gentlemen believe me and we can stay here and get the shit kicked out of us or we can fight our way back into the light. We can climb out of hell. One inch, at a time."

So what is it to be?

Bloody fight - all the way - Never give up - never give in

I am proud to support Darlington Football Club (we all are!) I am proud to say I come from Darlington, I am proud to say I come from County Durham and I am proud to say I come from the North East of England and I am proud of what Darlington has given to the world. I am proud every time I see us put a team on the field - because that team represents all of us, it represents the whole town and it represents what we stand for, as fans and people.

Well I want to know which one of those players in the dressing room is proud to wear that black and white shirt.

Which one is prepared to stand up and say you know what, I AM proud to wear this shirt, I AM proud to go out on that field and represent this club, I AM proud to represent these fans and carry their hopes and dreams for this club I AMproud to represent these people and this town and everything it stands for and I am not going to roll over and give in. I am going to fight on, If we go down then I am going down fighting and not skulking quietly into the night. I am going to go out there and give everything I have got, and then find that bit more, to try and get those three points.

Which one of them when they are sat in that dressing room at Ebbsfleet will look around and think - it is up to me? Which one will stand up to be counted? Which one of them will show his teammates, and us the fans, the fight we need to survive? Who will show us that the players believe it is worth fighting, that they wont give in, that they will keep on till the end of the road?

Who in that team will step forward and show the chairman that it is worth carrying this club forward? That owning and running this football club means something. That being the chairman of Darlington Football Club is an honour.

The fans haven’t given up Mr Chairman, I hope the players haven't given up and I KNOW Lidds wont give up. Have you Mr Chairman? Have you chucked in the towel? Have you surrendered? Or are you prepared to fight on a bit more?

What is it to be?