Raj Fights Back

by Scott Thornberry - 22nd December 2009

raj fights back

Former Chairman George Houghton said in todays Northern Echo that the current regime need to invest, amongst other things.  This afternoon Raj Singh, current owner of the football club, has reacted by criticising Houghtonfor his comments and also complaining about The Northern Echo for not allowing the club to comment in its article.

Talking on the Official Website Raj said  "It's extremely disappointing to read an article in our local paper, who seem to take the word of a man who went very close to putting this club out of business.

"I'm reluctant to get into a slagging match here, but I will say I have my own way of doing business and Mr Houghton has his.


"If Mr Houghton had the club at heart as he claims to, he would have done a deal with me a lot earlier and we would have had more time to prepare at the start of the season rather than chasing our tails.

"It's also very disappointing that our local paper and sponsor of our stadium should run such a critical story without giving us the right of reply."


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