Torquay 5 Darlo 0

by Scott Thornberry - 13th December 2009

torquay 5 darlo 0

Before it was hurting, now it is just down right embarrasing.  To make matters worse we are now getting fans on from clubs near the bottom of the football league trying to cheer us up by saying we are not as bad as we think we are, this after we have just been thumped 5-0 by a team that we would have classed a season ago as crap.

But this is what we will have to deal with up until the summer, christ the season isn't even half way through yet.  For those reading this from other clubs, don't feel sorry for us, don't try to tell us how crap we are, we know exactly what we are.  We are the hardcore fans, we cannot do anything to change what has happened or what will happen.  We have had nothing to be cheerful about for nearly 20 years so you can all bugger off.  Sick as a ****!

Match photos provided by Les Hodge, who was one of the few who made the incredible journey down to the south coast and back.  Fair play to you all.




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AndyPark - 13th December 2009 13:58:30

10th picture down, should a caption to have a go at what Staunton is saying.

Mine would be '' Danny boy, were shite, just go out there and let them score more goals ''

shadwellman - 13th December 2009 18:31:00

Mine would be I'm a celebrity get me out of here.

phillyallinson - 13th December 2009 21:01:23

Mine would be Boss i am fucked. i dnt care if we let in how many.

bigbitchtits - 14th December 2009 12:14:42

Did anyone spot the knitted character we placed on the wall behind the goal? :lol: