Torquay Coach Cancelled

by Scott Thornberry - 7th December 2009

torquay coach cancelled

Darlington Supporters Club have unfotunately had to cancel this Saturdays coach to Torquay.

With only 8 people showing an interest in taking the coach the decision has been made to cancel the trip.  The supporters club vice chairman Karen Glencross told Uncovered "This is the first time in 21 years that the Supporters Club have not been able to run a coach to an away game.  Personally, I am extremely disappointed with this, but the current situation means that running a coach is just not viable."


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DL5 - 7th December 2009 21:53:37

Tell them to lay on a taxi :lol:

Seriously 8 people, the new lows just keep smacking us in the face :roll:

comeondarlo - 7th December 2009 21:58:05

Is anyone going?

Has a pro team ever had zero support?

I remember four of us going to Chesterfield mid week (mid 80s), we were the only Darlo there!

divas - 7th December 2009 21:59:57

we've got a fair few fans that go to away games down south, we always seem to be decently supported away from home so im sure there'll still be 50 or so there

AndyPark - 7th December 2009 23:18:52

Accrington Stanley took 26 to Rotherham United the other season, surely we can't get that bad.

I can still see over 100 being there.

Spyman - 7th December 2009 23:39:14

I was thinking about going this morning - the only direct train from London goes at 7:10am though - after that you have to change at Exeter.

karlodarlo - 8th December 2009 06:12:41

Spyman wrote:I was thinking about going this morning - the only direct train from London goes at 7:10am though - after that you have to change at Exeter.
Yes ,generally you have to change at Exeter or Newton Abbott.There's also a train at 1850pm from Torquay to meet with the Plymouth/London train at Newton Abbott to get in to London for 2230pm.Gives you time for some beers in "Boots and Laces" after the doubt sorrow drowning adventures!

wylam_rangers - 8th December 2009 12:27:03

This fixture in the middle of winter is not exactly the most inspired piece if planning is it?

Now Torquay have been handed an unexpected midweek rest after tonight's FA Cup tie at Stockport was called off - Bugger, bugger and more bugger. :thumbdown:

TeessideQuaker - 8th December 2009 12:31:02

You're right. It's about two weeks until Christmas, some people can't afford to travel down to Torquay to see us get stuffed.

Jamm - 8th December 2009 12:50:40

It's all about planning, and whilst December isn't ideal for such a long trip, I'd decided to go to this as soon as the fixtures came out. Never been to see Darlo in the south west, so thought it's about time. Taking a car full and staying over. I'm normally the optimist, but I'm expecting nothing more than a game of football. Anything else (goals or even a point or 3) is a bonus. Will be a good trip anyway.