Uncovereds "Football Clubs Are For Life" Board update

by Scott Thornberry - 7th July 2022


As most of you will be aware, when we relocated to Blackwell Meadows we thought it would be a great idea to have a board on show at the ground reminding us all of the true meaning of what a Football Club is to the fans.  A nod back to the journey we have been on but also something we should think about as we progress forward on our journey.

As we move forward I have made the decision to hand this board and the wording over to the DFC Supporters Group.

The wording was first displayed by our great friends at Barrow on what could have been Darlington Football Clubs last ever match.  It is not just a reminder to Darlington Fans on what a Football Club is about but a reminder to all football fans of why clubs exist, it is for the fans and these should never be forgotten.

We wanted to explore a revamp of the board, to make the wording stand out more, in particular the 'LIFE' element.  The new board should be unveiled by the DFCSG before the season start and will have the 'YourClub' logo on display also.

Much like this website, and the lack of story updates :) , I feel that we as fans now own the club and any time or effort invested should be done directly with our club.  As such I am really pleased to announce that the DFCSG have taken over board and will hopefully make sure that these words are always prominently displayed at Blackwell Meadows or any future location the club may move to.

Many thanks to all of those who kindly donated their hard earned cash over the years to make the board something which is seen as reminder our ethics and values.  This board just typified the fundraising efforts our community has undertook over the years and has made a massive impact on making the club what it is today.