"Our Clubs Are For Life" board paid for another season

by Scott Thornberry - 9th June 2018

 It is a simple sentence, nothing complex just a statement of fact.  The words unveiled on a banner away at Barrow back in January 2012 have stuck with the Darlo fans ever since.  "Our Footballs Clubs Are For Life, Not Just For Business" are words which should always be reviewed by football fans and owners alike.

 When The Quakers moved back to Darlington we decided to raise funds to purchase an advertising board at the back of the Tin Shed.

We chose the location of the turnstile end of the shed with the thought being all fans will view those words as they enter the ground and just remember where we have come from and where we are going.  A reminder of the dark times, a reminder of incredible journey we have started and why the club still exists. Its a bit like the Darlo Fans "Mission Statement".

The following people kindly donated money to enable us to keep the sign up in the Tin Shed for another season at a cost of £600.   From a £100 donation to a £10 donation, without the following donators it wouldnt have happened.

I huge big thank you to:

Pete Weeks
William Culver-Dodds
Richard Kirkup
Elaine Fawcett
Richard Heslop
Thomas Marley
Michael Bell
Chris Easby
John Bell
Joanne Cameron
Amy Lancaster
John Dunn
Stuart Parker
CNA Electronics
Katie Hollis
Ian Wilkinson
Carolyn Liversedge
Joe Peacock
Susan Ranson
David Stothard
Ben Thompson
Andrea Reese
Pete Ashmore
Ben Pearson
Stuart Armstrong
Andrew Long
Jeffrey Jones
T Clarke