Advertising Board Renewal Time

by Scott Thornberry - 11th May 2018

advertising board renewal time

Darlo Uncovered has purchased an adversting board at the football club since 2012.  When we returned back to Darlington we took the extra step of securing a prime spot at the back of the Tin Shed.  The board reads the now infamous words "our footballs clubs are for life, not just for business".

This year myself and the club explored the option of maybe moving the board from the Tinshed to the perimeter fence to increase revenue opportunity, as the club offer us a discounted rate for our current position.  As fans though we prefer our current location, the first thing we all see when we head through the turnstiles.  A reminder as to why the club exists, the journey we have been through and to act as a reminder of our values.  The club have kindly agreed for the sign to stay, as long as we raise the total of £600 including VAT.

Our deadline is 2 weeks, May 25th.  £600 is our target, which is a tough one, but if we exceed the target then we will be donating any excess to the club also.  So please dig deep and see how much we can get.

I truly understand it is a large amount and we would be grateful if you could spare any amount to help us reach our goal and secure the board for another season.

If you could spare any cash then it would be greatly appreciated.  You can donate as usual by Paypal.  The paypal address to donate to is

Once again thanks for reading and for donating to help build our club.