Tinshed Board Appeal Target Reached!

by Scott Thornberry - 22nd December 2016

tinshed board appeal target reached!

On Wednesday evening Darlo Uncovered launched an appeal to the fans, once again!  Over the last 4 and a half years we have raised thousands of pounds to help our club with the most recent purchase being £2000 goals for Blackwell Meadows.

The idea this time was to purchase one of the advertising boards on the back of the new Tinshed with the wording which Barrow fans kindly displayed on one of our darkest days.   Darlington fans travelled over to Cumbria in January 2012 expecting to witness darlington Football Clubs last ever game.  They unveiled a banner, a banner which displayed words that many have never forgotten.  "our football clubs are for life, not just for business".

you can see the banner on this video, 45 seconds in.  Barrow v Darlo 

Today the Darlington fans have once again delivered an we can proudly announce we reached the target within 18 hours of asking.  Not only did the website receive high hits once again but our tweet was viewed over 3000 times with over 900 engagements.  It epitomises our togetherness, just like the wording on the sign.  

We have asked the club for the sign to be placed at the far left of the Tinshed, near the entrance.  Although this will give us less exposure on the video front we feel that the sign is more for the fans than people watching the videos.  Everybody entering the stadium will see this sign first and it will be there as a reminder of where we have come from and just how far we have come.  More importantly it is a sign to remind us that we are building a club not only for us but for future generations and the most proud part of it all, we did this all ourselves!

many thanks to all who donated, your names are below.  For those with tickets for Boxing Day, enjoy the day, its going to be busy, the queues are going to be big but take in what is happening and remember, Darlo are back in town.

have a great christmas everybody!

If i had a brick wall to build, all of your names would be on it!  donations made by:

David Sowerby - Chris Nicholson - Cox Ltd - Christopher Altree - David Aiken - Scott Thornberry - Kevin Harris - Michael Bell - John Pennell - Claire Snowdon - Matthew Deaken - Roland Winder - Robert Turner - David McGuire - Rob Williamson - Keith Parker - Gary Robson - John Iveson - William Culver-Dodds - Tony Waters - Colin Summers-Smith - Duncan Fletcher - Wayne Raper - Richard Heslop - Joe Peacock - Peter Stockhill - Andrea Reese - Philip Watling - Ben Thompson - Peter Ashmore - James Blair - Stuart Parker - Michael Cooper - Susan Ranson - Paul Moss - Chris Wall - Mal Prescott - Simon Hawkins - Benjamin Pearson - CNA Electronics - Carolyn Liversedge - Richard Brumby - Richard Kirkup - Stuart Armstrong - Gareth Purcival - Andrew Long - Chris Easby - David Steel - Noel Hollis - Ian Taylor and Joe Peacock.