Tinshed Board APPEAL!

by Scott Thornberry - 21st December 2016

tinshed board appeal!

Since Darlington Football Club first entered financial difficult nearly 5 years ago visitors to Darlo Uncovered have kindly donated over £20k towards the rebuilding of the club.

Last month we continued that support with a donation of the final £2000 of the DUFF fund, which purchased the goalposts at Blackwell Meadows.

4 and a half years ago we were homeless, had a club crest, one player and £150k of inherited debt.  Today, thank to the efforts of fans, volunteers and years of persistence  we have experienced 3 promotions, a cracking squad, one league below where we started and on Boxing Day we return to Darlington.

To commemorate this achievement and remember all of the fans around the world who have supported our plight we are would like to take one of the advertising boards at the back of the Tin Shed.  On this board we will have the words which the Barrow fans displayed on that dark day away in Cumbria. 

"Our footballs clubs are for life, not just for business".

To make this happen we need to raise £750 and the only way we can make this happen is with your help.  We know it is close on christmas and we also understand that we continue to keep asking for cash.  But we also think that these words on display at the back of The Tinshed will make us remember the journey we are on and what a fantastic achievement the fans, people who just love their club and the game of football, have made.

If you would like to donate then this is possible by sending your contribution to the old DUFF 'sandwich fund' at paypal.   Please send your donation in PAYPAL to scott@ukrivals.net

All donators will be named on the website, I really hope we can do this.  I will keep you updated on the total. Thanks for reading and have a great Christmas.