Players and Staff Pay

by Scott Thornberry - 30th March 2012

players and staff pay

Darlington Football Club have confirmed that the players and staff at the club will receive their pay today.

Speaking to Jason Lees he told Uncovered "Having just spoken to the Administrator I can confirm that all staff playing & non playing at DFC will be paid on time."

Rumours have been circulating that the pay cheques were not going to arrive and the club have felt the need to clarify that the stories are not true.


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princes town - 30th March 2012 13:27:46

Well done for putting this on. Great communications.

super_les_mcjannet - 30th March 2012 13:57:36

Excellent news, any chance they can get a win bonus as well, would be well worth it!!

Quakerade - 30th March 2012 17:57:17

Never mind a win bonus, we should give them an open top bus tour of the town. ;)