Free Tickets 2 Schools

by Scott Thornberry - 29th March 2012

free tickets 2 schools

For the 7th April game over 2,500 free tickets have been offered to 5 schools and the same number for 5 school for 14th April Match. Any accompanying parent can get their matchday ticket for just £10.


Also 5 Darlington Junior Football Clubs (21st Allstars, Spraire Lads and Lasses, Mount Pleasant Rangers, Total Soccer Centre,and Middleton Rangers) are taking part in the half time penalty shoot out.  They are all chuffed to be invited.


Also ALL of their combined 1,000 players are being offered FREE tickets for the 7thApril match-parent £10.


By the last match on Sat 28th April all schools who took part in the mufti day fundraising will have been offered free tickets (£10 parent) for every one of their pupils. 


Four schools have also been invited to the Grimsby match to receive a trophy to recognise their efforts during the MUFTI day initiative which took place recently.  Carmel College, Hummersknott Academy, the Education Village and Whinfield Primary all raised over £1000 each with the money going to save our beloved club.




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m62exile - 29th March 2012 20:54:10

That's a great initiative, would be great to see a good number of kids in attendance. Well done to those who organised it, shame it falls in the Easter hols in a way but hopefully we can repeat it on a regular basis.

A couple of today's announcements have had a real community feel, exactly what we are hoping for.

I'd say today's been a good day for DFC.

moz1963 - 1st April 2012 08:25:47

Great idea! Are any of the schools beyond the Darlington boundary?

tezza - 3rd April 2012 15:26:59

i floated this idea a few weeks ago on the forum. Excellent keep it going.

tezza - 3rd April 2012 15:31:21

One point most schools have broken do you get tickets?

charlie - 3rd April 2012 15:33:54

letters were sent home with the kids with a form to be filled in and returned to the school with adult money, tix to be collected later from the arena

tezza - 3rd April 2012 15:39:20

my lad broke his foot wednesday so off school final days, full price for us then

ted_do - 3rd April 2012 15:40:49

whinfield were given letters about it a few weeks ago. Its all organised well we sent the money for the extra adults and we pick up the tickets from the arena before the game. This is the sort of thing that will get this club back on it's feet and back into the heart of the community , well done paul bielby for organising it all, an other fan doing his best to keep the club alive