Open Evening Highlights

by Scott Thornberry - 6th March 2012

open evening highlights

The DFC 1883 board held an open evening last night, here is an overview of the main topics discussed.

The DFC 1883 interim board held an open evening last night in the Darlington Atrs Centre, over 120 people attended.
Main points:
Administrator Harvey Madden is meeting creditors next Tuesday with the intention of forming a CVA. There is then a 28 day cooling off period before the club can be fornally taken out of admin. The intention is to pay off the football creditors, and pay the non football creditors over three years -- this is approved by the Conference. Obviously on this timescale the club won't be out of admin until at least the middle of April.
Harvey Madden said that he was disappointed with the attendance on Saturday, said that fans need to get out there and tell everybody about the club.
Harvey Madden says that Raj Singh is prepared to forego the money he has put into the club previously, if a community based club is formed. (He will still be needed to back the cva).
From other speakers:
Talks ongoing with the Council about moving functions currently held at Arts Centre to be moved to football club when Arts Centre closed.
Talks have taken place with various community groups to use the Arena as a base.
A draft agreement between DFC 1883 and ground owners Scott and Sizer has been prepared regarding proposed rent of the ground for the minimum length of time required under Conference and Football League rules.
Way forward is as a community based club. Successful approaches have already been made to national businesses, who have branches in Darlington, to support the club.
Budgets have been put together to cover three different scenarios in two different leagues (ie Conference and Conference North). Talks have been held with manager and secretary about budgets for next season.
Club can be sustainable on 1800 crowds, admission prices will be cut for next season.
Costs can be cut in different places eg utilities, ground maintenance. The youth system will be kept.
An approach, albeit optimistic, has been made to Manchester United for a pre-season friendly of some sort.
Good response to appeal for volunteers in the meeting (over 20) for different jobs, plus lots of new fund raising ideas.
Suggestion to hold an open day with players and manager by the end of the season.
Big push now starts aimed towards clubs, businesses and pubs in the town. Aim is to reach out to non Darlo fans with sponsored events, culminating in a Darlo Day on April 7th.
Emphasis now on people coming forward to help the club. Question of "What are we going to do for our club?"


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