Retro Scarves

by Scott Thornberry - 2nd March 2012

retro scarves

Darlington fans will have the opportunity to purchase their very own retro scarf this weekend after one Darlington fan took it upon themselves to order their own stock in and sell on with all the profit going to Darlignton 1883.

Quakerlady off the messageboard, came up with the idea. "I decided to do the scarves as I tried to buy one in the club shop one cold night and they didnt have any. Just felt it was something easy to sell and might prove to be popular and earn a few pounds for the club."

So she has put her plan into practice and laid out the initial capital via her credit card, she is hoping to recoup her costs (no problems there I think) and then donate the profits to the fund.

"I posted the idea on the forum and someone recommended a supplier in Leeds.  I managed to get a good price from him £2.50 each and delivery charge of £25.00 pound for lot. So I took the plunge and ordered 300 (owe my credit card 775.00 pound at present)."

"I need to sell 150 approx to get my money back and then the following 150 to give the money to the fund. If they all sell it should be about 740-50 profit"

"They are really nice quality, everyone who has seen them up to now agrees. So please come and buy them. Thanks Everyone"

Full credit to her for doing this.  Well done and from yoru fellow fans, a big thank you.  Any problems selling them then just get in touch and we will make sure you are not out of pocket.