Smalling Shirt Added

by Scott Thornberry - 1st March 2012

smalling shirt added

A Manchester United shirt signed by England star Chris Smalling is the latest jersey to go into Darlo’s star-studded auction on Saturday. 

Marc Bridge-Wilkinson knows one of the backroom staff at Old Trafford – and asked his pal to pull a few strings. 

He received the United shirt this week, worn by Smalling in a Champions League game and signed by the 22-year-old England defender.

“It’s a fantastic piece of memorabilia,” said Bridge-Wilkinson.


“To be fair all the lads have chipped in, just about everyone has got something from someone and we’ve ended up with too many shirts!


“But we’ll probably be able to hold some of them back and hopefully hold some sort of similar event towards the end of the season.”


Bridge-Wilkinson admits it’s been a difficult few months, but is grateful to the “unwavering” Darlo fans.


“They’ve been great, they’ve carried on supporting us and kept singing away at games, it really is appreciated,” he said.


“It has been difficult, off the pitch. On the pitch it hasn’t been great with results and the points deduction, but the lads are really positive and they’re buoyed by the fans.


“Their support has been unwavering. The crowds for the last few home games has been superb and hopefully we’ll get another good crowd on Saturday and we’ll reward them with three points.


“In a funny kind of way, this might end up being a good thing for the club. It seems to have galvanised a lot of people and if the club can move on, and keep some of the fans that have come along in the last few months, then that’d be great.”


Two other additions to the auction is a Chelsea shirt signed by Didier Drogba and an Everton shirt signed by Mikel Arteta.


This is as well as Jamie Chandler’s Wembley match-worn shirt and jerseys from Arsenal, Liverpool, Newcastle, Middlesbrough and Sunderland.


Football fans can email pre-auction bids by email to:


Bids without full contact details will not be accepted. All pre-auction bidding will close at 5pm on Friday.



Jamie Chandler’s Wembley match-worn shirt, signed

Manchester United, signed by Chris Smalling

Chelsea shirt, signed by Didier Drogba

Everton shirt, signed by Mikel Arteta

Everton, signed by Tim Cahill

Bolton, signed by Robbie Blake

Swansea, signed by Danny Graham

England U-21, signed by Sammi Ameobi

Arsenal, signed by the team

Liverpool, signed by the team

Newcastle, signed by the team

Middlesbrough, signed by the team

Sunderland, signed by the team

Southampton shirt, signed by the team

Aston Villa shirt, signed by the team

Leeds United shirt, signed by the team

Signed photo of Sir Bobby Robson and Gazza



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Fatty eats roadkill - 1st March 2012 20:05:09

Bid just gone in on behalf of the brother-in-law before anyone who knows me says owt!

Fibonacci0112358 - 1st March 2012 20:22:33

Fatty eats roadkill wrote:
Bid just gone in on behalf of the brother-in-law before anyone who knows me says owt!

Wait 'til I tell Elvis!!

charlie - 1st March 2012 20:25:17

Ive spread it across facebook again, including the Man u page