What next for 1883

by Scott Thornberry - 23rd February 2012

what next for 1883

As has been reported, Darlington FC 1883 has reached its initial target of £250,000 through a shares scheme.  The company is now pressing ahead with the next phase of its quest to take the football club out of administration and complete its transition into a community owned club.  Securing a long term, sustainable future for Darlington FC remains the overarching objective of everyone involved in the project.

Karen Glencross, a member of the Darlington FC 1883 Ltd interim management board, comments:

“We have been hugely encouraged by the public’s response to the shares scheme.  Not only have hundreds of people and businesses been buying shares on www.buydarlo.org, but we have also been processing loads of requests in the Dolphin Centre.  We have reached our first target much faster than we expected, which reinforces our belief that we can succeed in our aims.

“The interim management board really appreciates the faith that people have invested in what we are trying to do and it is vital that we complete the job and justify that.  Many people have been very generous, but we need to push on and raise the next £500,000 as soon as possible.

“At the same time, we understand the need to be transparent about how the initial £250,000 will be used, so we will be as open as possible in letting people know about what happens next.  Meanwhile, we will also continue to develop our longer term business plan, designed to deliver a long term future for Darlington FC.  And alongside all of this, the manager and team need our support more than ever, starting with the crucial home game on 3rd March.”


To follow are answers to some of the questions that have most frequently been put to the interim management board.


Questions and answers:


What is this money to be used for?


When will the money be passed over to DFC 1883?


What are the next steps?


How long will this take?


Why is the next £500,000 important?


Why was the first £250,000 offered on a two for one basis?


What if I missed out on the two for one offer?


 When will I get my shares?


To invest in Darlington FC visit www.buydarlo.org.


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