Its Race Night

by Scott Thornberry - 22nd February 2012

its race night


Darlington FC Race Night,  
Presented by The Players,  Sponsored by SCREENTECH.
Saturday 3rd March in the Ron Greener Suite, proceeds going to the club.
7:00pm start, First race 7:30.



Horses are available to buy at £5 per horse. - Winning Owners receive a Players Match shirt of their choice. 

You can buy your horses through Uncovered using our paypal account.  The online horse purchase through Uncovered is available right up until Sunday morning.  So here is how we are going to play this, because I am a bit cautious after the take up of the sandwich whip round for the lads last month!  If you want a horse then send your £5 payment to, in the note section of paypal (you can add a comment to your payments) please put the following: your name, contact telephone number and which horse you require, put a reserve horse on if you can just incase your original choice has gone.  As horses are sold I will update the chart below, taking off horses which have been purchased.  If I receive loads of payments all at once and there are a few requesting the same horse then I am afraid you are going to have to take what you are given.
Tickets are priced at £10 and include Pie and Peas, and are available from the Football Club Reception from Wednesday 22 February, and can also be bought on the night.

8 Races in total, including 2 auction races.
Winning Bidders receive an Executive Box for a match of their choice.

Raffle prizes on the night, and also an Auction of Premier League and Championship club shirts.

RACE 1.                                                                RACE 2.
1. ARNY 'S AMBLER. (sold)                               1. ALL AT SEA.
2. CHEER THE REAR. (sold)                              2. MONEY\'S TO TIGHT TO MENTION.  (sold)
3. FLYING START.     (sold)                               3. HIGHLAND FLING.
4. BRIGHTON BELLE.                                       4. MACCA THE MARAUDER.(sold)
5. LAST CHANCE.      (sold)                               5. HANGING BY A THREAD.
6. WEIGHT LIFTER.                                           6. THE CLOCK WAS TICKING. (sold)
7. THUNDERBIRD.                                            7. FLYING CIRCUS.
8. DREAM MACHINE.                                       8. LITTLE WILLIE.  (sold)

RACE 3.                                                                RACE 5.

1. BROWNY\'S BOYS.(sold)                               1. BRIDGY\'S BOLT. (sold)
2. KIT AND KABOODLE.                                  2. EXTRA TIME.
3. BOWMAN\'S ARROW.  (sold)                          3. THE ADMINISTRATOR. (sold)
4. HARVEY\'S CASH. (sold)                                4. THE GENERAL LEE.. (sold)
5. THE NORTHERN ECHO (sold).                       5. QUAKER OATS..
6.THE MEDIA MAN.    (sold)                                 6. IN THE NET..
7. GAZETTE\'S GAZELLE.                                  7. BARTON\'S RUN..
8. TRUNK CALL.                                                 8. NAUGHTY NIXON. (sold)

RACE 6.                                                                

1. SIR LIDDLE  (sold).                                                    
4. TAYLOR\'S BEAK. (sold)
5. RUNDLE\'S WONDER. (sold)
6. HARRISON HAWK. (sold)
8. A FRESH START. (sold)

Races 4 and 8 are auction races to be sold on the night. 



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knoxy5000 - 22nd February 2012 23:23:02

I've already got my place booked!!!! Can't wait

SteveSC - 23rd February 2012 11:25:56

Will the Ron Greener suite be available more or less as usual after the match that day - I assume it will take some time to set up the race stuff.

Spyman - 23rd February 2012 17:18:23

I wonder if it was considered to hold it a couple of weeks later to coincide with the festival?

1Superlidds - 24th February 2012 10:15:33


I forwarded £10 for 2 horses under PIMM Production if you could sort that out cheers

I got a phone call from the club (Rachel?) and as I was off to a meeting I asked if she would forward the details to my email address - she said she would but didn't :thumbdown:

Can't make the evening but hope it goes well

uncovered - 24th February 2012 10:44:59

Cheers Ian, got that into the Account, any particular horses?

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

1Superlidds - 24th February 2012 14:49:42

I don't mind - preferably the winners :lol: