Share Cash Purchase

by Scott Thornberry - 21st February 2012

share cash purchase

Shares are flying off the virtual shelf at the moment and up to now the only option has been through internet banking, but we now have some new ways of making this work.  Details of a new cash alternative will be published later, Tony Waters has explained briefly of what this will be.  Basically we will have a set up in the Dolphin Centre where you will be able to go and purchase shares with cash or a cheque, but you will need a form of ID and a utlity bill.  Again more details later.

The other option is by going into Lloyds Bank and handing over the cash to deposit into the crowdcube account.  This was carried out this morning by Paul Bielby who is part of the Darlington 1883 group and he found it very straight forward.  For this option though you still need internet access and to set up a crowdcube account.

What you will need to do is create a crowdcube account first.  Then go into Lloyds Bank, in Darlington this is on Blackwellgate.  hand over your cash and give them the crowdcube account number, sort code and most importantly you Crowdcube Username.  All done in seconds apparently, so you can do it this way if you either don't have internet banking or are cautious of transferring money via the web.

The reason it was so easy is the sort code given by Crowdcube is a LLOYDS one.


The opportunity in the Dolphin Centre is as follows.

Our plan is to be in the Dolphin Centre between the hours of 11AM - 4PM Wednesday until Saturday.

The way it will work is that you will need to bring:

Cash or cheque payable to DFCSC
1 utility bill dated in the last 3 months (a copy would be best for speed but not essential)
Your photo driving licence or passport (a copy would be best for speed but not essential)

You will have to complete a very simple form and we will start the process for the Supporters' Club to buy the shares on your behalf.

The application process will take about 10 minutes per person if you bring copies of the documents listed above. However, it may take considerably longer if you bring originals of your documents as we will have to wait for an opportunity for them to be copied using the Dolphin Centre staff and/or facilities.



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Jammers - 22nd February 2012 11:41:10

Can this be done in any Lloyds branch or just the one in Darlington?

RUMPLESTILTSKIN - 22nd February 2012 11:42:45

It's the BRITISH banking system, not Darlingtons. :roll: