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by Wayne Raper - 18th February 2012

fundraising / duff

There is a working group that has been set up to look at ways to raise funds for the future of our football club. All fundraising unless otherwise specified is currently being done to buy shares in Darlington 1883. The specific group which kicks off/owns the particular fundraidsing events will use the money raised to buy shares in the name of their group.

What this means for Uncovered is that there are likely to be events put on to raise funds to buy shares in DFC 1883 for Uncovered, however Uncovered will still continue to ask for donations into the DUFF fund from people who maybe can't afford the ful £100 but would still like to contribute, these funds will also be turned into shares and held in the Uncovered name - those who contribute will be alllowed a vote towards the overall Uncovered quota of votes at the AGM.

In terms of fundraising, although there will be some bigger group fundraising events we need everyone who has an idea to do their bit. This could be something as simple as running a raffle at work/amongst friends. If the proceeds from individual fundraising exceeds £100 then by all means individuals can use this to purchase shares in their name as long as this is communicated when the fundraising takes place. Alternatively if less than £100, or an amount that does not equate to a full share is raised we'd be only too happy to have you place the additional amount into the DUFF fund.

We're looking for pro-active individuals who post on here to do their own fundraising and will be publishing details of all fundraising activities and giving credit to those individuals on the site, and there's also the opportunity to be featured in the local press. We're currently in negotiations to be able to offer a prize to the inidividual who raises the most through their own fundraising initiative.


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divas - 18th February 2012 14:30:01

Just thinking it might be useful to create a fundraising thread for people to put down what they are going to be doing, if someone comes up with a good idea it will then allow people to copy that idea in their place of work etc.

As mentioned in the article these do not have to be massive fundraisers, if everyone on here did their bit and raised £20-30 each we'd be able to raise a few grand no problem and the beauty of this is that you'd be targetting a different pool of individuals so the same people aren't constantly having to put their hands in their pockets.