Football Fans Tweet Me

by Scott Thornberry - 19th January 2012

football fans tweet me

This Saturday we are expecting quite a few fans from other football clubs heading to the Arena which will be a great sight to see. 

If you are one of those fans then we would like you to wear your club colours with pride, everybody is welcome and whatever happens on the pitch it is going to be a great afternoon of live local football.

We have already received messages of fans coming from as far away as Plymouth and Hamilton.

All of you who are making the journey and have access to Twitter on your phones then please take a few minutes out to tweet me.  I am the pa man at the Arena and I would love to give you all a mention.  So send your tweets to @darlouncovered and let the outside world see what good football can do by bringing people from or races and all backgrounds together supporting a single cause.

Once again, thank you in advance for your support from every Darlington fan.


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