Mark and Richard ep2

by Scott Thornberry - 25th October 2011

mark and richard ep2

Possibly the last epsiode of the Mark and Richard show as we witness Cooper getting the boot


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Darlo Fonz - 25th October 2011 21:21:47


Darlogramps - 25th October 2011 21:24:03

Top draw stuff again. Love it.

m62exile - 25th October 2011 21:26:16


we_8_poolie - 25th October 2011 21:27:04

Very good

QuakerPete - 25th October 2011 21:58:56

What was even funnier was Scott's version of Dancing With The Stars . . . eat your heart out Peter Crouch!!!

Haji el Maveric - 25th October 2011 22:16:06

Love the references to the messageboard regulars. Poor old Darlo Pete is never going to live down his free pass into the Ron Greener. Nor can I ever see Darlo Cockney again without hearing Darlo Cock! Class.

d4rlo - 25th October 2011 23:26:50

Kevin Smith reference at the end is class!!!

Haji el Maveric - 26th October 2011 08:29:09

:lol: Fecking Crusher will be loving this! Blame it on the old fogies! :clap:

AndyPark - 26th October 2011 11:00:59

Quality :lol:

Darlo_Pete - 30th October 2011 14:45:51

Just seen this now, after w8p gave me a heads up yesterday. Very funny, for some reason my wife found it even funnier than I did. :D

jjljks - 30th August 2021 13:40:39

Surely there should have been a health warning on this?
Nearly split my sides👌