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Adam Reed Q & A

by Scott Thornberry - 5th April 2010

adam reed q & a

Date of Birth: 18 February 1975
Birthplace: Bishop Auckland
Height: 6'0"
Transfers Darlington (From trainee on 16/7/93) Blackburn Rov (£200,000 on 9/8/95)
Darlington (Loaned on 21/2/97)
Rochdale (Loaned on 5/12/97)

Most Memorable Match:

Darlington V Bury 93/94. We needed a win to avoid the possibility of relegation to the conference. (We won 1-0 with Bernie Slaven being the scorer)

Favourite Away Ground:

Ewood Park - Fond memories of playing there for Blackburn.

Influences On Career:

Barry Geldart, Ray Hankin and my Dad.

Dislikes In Football:

Too many foreigners.

Personal Ambition:

To stay in the game for as long as possible.

Professional Ambition:

Help Darlington climb up the football league.

Players You Admire & Why:

Colin Hendry - Superb player with a great attitude.

Career if not in football:

Not sure, possibly a teacher like my parents.

Do you go on the Internet?