Purchase of Club Video Camera

by Scott Thornberry - 19th January 2013

purchase of club video camera

Camera on amazon 

Hi everyone,

I've come with the hope of possibly nagging / bribing / coaxing some money from you all. As you know we've been filming as many games as we can during the course of the current season. Its something we want to continue for our home games and as many away games as is practical.

As many of you will already know I've been borrowing a camera from work. However due to a pending reshuffle in the department its debatable how much longer this can continue for. So, rather than be caught out in the coming weeks and months, we are attempting to raise funds to purchase our own camera. Earlier in the season the club secured the tripod so its now a case of getting the final piece of the puzzle - the camera.

We've currently been using a Sony Handycam HDR-XR155E which has been a very decent performer despite its size. Its currently about £360 on amazon so we are looking to raise £400 to secure the camera and a couple of extra batteries.

Camera on amazon 

If anyone would like to contribute to the fund towards it please let me know. Details on how to donate are below:

Paypal: If you want to send money via paypal you can drop the cash to kevin_luff_uk@yahoo.co.uk

Bank Transfer: If you prefer to send some cash via bank transfer then drop me a PM here TFDM or an email at website@dfc1883.co.uk and I'll send you my details.